Should probably have a go at writing again eh

As I stare at my fetchingly freckled toes on a balmy September’s day in Spain, I am suddenly struck by an acute sense of déjà vu.
No, Suzi, you fuckwit, you were here at the villa last year in the same week, except this year your toes are freckled in a checkered pattern that matches your sandals of choice whereas last year you enjoyed a slightly more stripy state of affairs.

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Dear Jamie: PostScript

I’ve not posted for a while, and for that, you have my apologies. Over the past month, I graduated from Edinburgh University with a law degree, had a few nights where I drank far too much, danced until dawn and laughed myself silly with the best people I’ve known, and dealt with the most horrific heartbreak I’ve ever had to endure in the past 21 years of my life.

Up until recently, I loved a man called Jamie MacRae with everything I had and everything I ever would have, but he wrenched out my heart and tore it to pieces. It still hurts. I still hurt. But it had to be done. I had to tell that lying, cheating, philandering bastard to swivel and never darken my emotional doorway again. The story is long, complicated, and far too painfully raw for me to recount here. I will at a later date when I’m not sleep-deprived , intoxicated with too much alcohol and in a tailspin because he obviously just drunk-texted me on a whim 10 minutes ago.

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Things That Go Beep in the Night

White Elephant in the Room

elephant_gpsLike Pavlov’s dog, every time I hear a beep my hand moves reflexively to my smartphone. I quickly thumb through my recent alerts to find the source of the notification and find closure only when I’ve tapped away all the unopened emails, unread messages and unchecked updates. But sometimes, my phone stares blankly back at me, and I realize that little beep didn’t come from where I’d thought.

The other evening, I was winding down my day with a little laundry, dishwashing, and a few follow up notes on a project when I heard a beep. Phone number one was unfruitful so I glanced at phone number two. When it, too, showed no signs of life I checked IM on my work laptop, then Skype on my personal laptop, and then the mystery got deeper. I checked the dishwasher, the dryer, the alarm system – all to no avail. Then…

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White Noise – Living with an Anxiety Disorder

I was in two minds as to whether I should post this topic which has been gnawing at me for a while. It’s got all the right elements for controversy – mental illness, vitriol, and a rather scathing critique of how it’s all handled in the UK at the moment, both socially and medically – but fuck it, I may as well go all in. Rather than discuss the matter in a clinical generic style (or to put it another way, get all up my own arse about the situation) I shall start by telling you a story.

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Writer’s Digest Dumps Author Solutions 

David Gaughran

I have some huge news: Writer’s Digest has terminated its partnership with Author Solutions.

Abbott Press – the imprint launched by Writer’s Digest, parent company F+W Media, and white-label vanity press provider Author Solutions – is still operational, but all ties to Writer’s Digest have been cut.

It appears that Abbott Press will now be run directly as yet another Author Solutions brand but Writer’s Digest and F+W Media will have no further connection with it. (If you are unfamiliar with Author Solutions and its awful history, this will bring you up to speed.)

Cached version of Abbott Press showing Writer's Digest links.Cached version showing Writer’s Digest links.

Writer’s Digest and F+W Media refuse to comment, despite being given several opportunities, but I’ve had this news confirmed by multiple sources. As Author Solutions only tends to allow early termination of partnership agreements if the partner signs a series of non-disclosure agreements, a formal announcement or comment is…

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Summer sunshine

Last night, the sun was splitting the sky and the sticky hum of humidity was the rallying call for the Scottish summer to make its appearance. It was 25 degrees and the discomfiting heat was a joy to behold in the wake of the typically dreary UK weather. Summer in our country is my favourite day of the year. With that in mind, I felt my attire for a friend’s birthday barbecue (outside! We can sit outside! In SCOTLAND! And it isn’t raining!) should adequately reflect the season and my resulting jubilant disposition.


Suzi Reads A Book: The Rosie Project *SPOILERS*

In the midst of being immersed in the sprawling worlds of Westeros and Essos, I picked up The Rosie Project as a mental respite from my second reread of book five of George R. R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice and Fire series. Giddy, swooping fantasy novels have always been my preference, so it was with some trepidation I picked up Graham Simsion’s cheerful debut. I’d been throroughly recommended it by a number of people, and with a slew of five-star reviews on Amazon, I decided it couldn’t hurt to stop playing the game of thrones for a few hours. Continue reading